codeigniter tutorial

What is codeigniter?


CodeIgniter is a one of the most widely used open source web application development framework written in PHP. CodeIgniter is considered to be very light weight, simple and elegant framework written in PHP. CodeIgniter follows MVC design pattern, which offers great separation between logic and presentation.

CodeIgniter is easy to learn rapid application development framework which saves lots of time writing everything from scratch. CodeIgniter framework comes with rich set of built-in libraries and helpers, which enables web developers to build full featured web application much faster while maintaining performance and security. CodeIgniter lets you focus on project development while taking care of all the complex part in background.

codeigniter futures ?

Some of the key features of CodeIgniter framework are as follows –


Model-View-Controller Based System
Extremely Light Weight
Rich set of active record database classes.
Query Builder Database Support
Form and Data Validation
Security and XSS Filtering
Session Management
Email Sending Class. Supports Attachments, HTML/Text email, multiple protocols (Sendmail, SMTP, and Mail) and more.
File Uploading Class
Zip Encoding Class
Large library of  “helper” functions

why codeigniter

Below is a list of some important reasons to choose Codeigniter for your next web development project –


Easy to learn and understand.
No “installation” necessary.
No PHP version conflicts
Support most of the major databases
Rich set of built-in libraries and helpers for email, pagination, image manipulation, form validation, file uploading, sessions, internationalization end security etc.
Easily extensible.
Easy caching operations
Promotes professional and modern web development practices
Promotes fast and secure web application development
Excellent documentation and has a huge community of active members

codeigniter advantage

Codeigniter Promotes rapid application development.

Codeigniter Promotes modular programming.
Codeigniter is lightweight and more capable.
Codeigniter compatible with most web servers, numerous operating systems and platforms.
Codeigniter Does Not Require a Template Engine
Codeigniter makes it easy to test or debug application.
Codeigniter makes development, deployment and  maintenance simple and pleasing.
Codeigniter supports search-engine friendly URLs.
Codeigniter resource are easily available.
Codeigniter makes huge saving on cost and time.