Git Tutorial

Submitting changes in git

Lets learn how to submit changes to the remote repository.

Since a clean repository is usually shared on some network server, we need to send our changes to other repositories. Start by creating a change to be sent. Edit the README file and do a commit


This is the Hello World example from the git tutorial.
(Changed in the original and pushed to shared)


git checkout master
git add README
git commit -m "Added shared comment to readme"

Now send changes to the shared repository.


git push shared master

The shared repository is the one receiving changes sent by us. (Remember, we added it as a remote repository in the previous lesson).


$ git push shared master
To ../hello.git
   2faa4ea..79f507c  master -> master

Note: We had to explicitly specify the master branch to submit changes. It can be configured automatically, but I always forget the command. For easy management of remote branches switch to «Git Remote Branch».