Git Tutorial

Removing the oops tag in git

Lets learn Removing the oops tag (cleaning up)

Step1:Removal of the oops tag

Oops tag has performed it’s function. Let us remove that tag and permit the garbage collector to delete referenced commit.


git tag -d oops
git hist --all


$ git tag -d oops
Deleted tag 'oops' (was 45fa96b)
$ git hist --all
* fa3c141 2020-01-09 | Added HTML header (HEAD, v1, master) [kwikl3arn]
* 8c32287 2020-01-09 | Added standard HTML page tags (v1-beta) [kwikl3arn]
* 43628f7 2020-01-09 | Added h1 tag [kwikl3arn]
* 911e8c9 2020-01-09 | First Commit [kwikl3arn]

Oops tag will no longer appear in the repository.